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Monday, September 2, 2013

My Little Missy


I prepared this for Jayden's breakfast today and he happily gulp down almost the whole plate( and left some cream cheese filling muffin for me 😜😜)

My Little Missy Breakie

Muffin as base
Nutella as hair as ear
Cream cheese as face
Strawberry as hair ribbon
Blueberry as eye
Chocolate sprinkle as mouth and nose

Grapes an apple as attire
Biscuit as arm


When mummy and daddy have dental appointment, this is how I make myself occupied- coloring at the dental clinic.

Beat The Monday Blues

In order to beat the Monday blues we always we face on Monday, I've prepared these small goodies for everyone in the office!

Indeed, it put smile on everyone's face when I distributed these goodies to them. They just love it! And it made up my day too seeing everyone around me is happy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Taking Picture

When Jayden says he wanna take picture, this is what he means!

Taking picture with the camera the other way round. Hahahaha... :p

Friday, August 16, 2013

IT Savvy

I hope Jayden doesn't get addicted to the computer at this young age. Finger cross especially when you have a dad whose profession is IT. :p

Bunny Or Mouse?

Prepared this for Jayden's breakfast and hubby thought it was a mouse. Jayden was scared and did not dare to eat it until I told him its actually a bunny!

Then he finished da whole egg happily! -_-'''

What do you think? A bunny or a mouse?!?!



Camping day at the living room.


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